Simon A., Denmark, living in Da Nang - December 18, 2020
Tigerwhey is the best tasting chocolate protein powder I have found in Vietnam, and the price is lower than many of the alternatives. Great product, fast delivery and amazing customer service - I highly recommend it!

Emilia B., Sweden, living in HCMC - December 8, 2020
I'm using the mild vanilla whey protein, and the taste and consistency are great, not too sweet which I appreciate. Customer service is excellent! I couldn't be happier.

Arnaud B., France, living in Nha Trang - October 23, 2020
I tried a lot of whey (about the most famous brands) and the tigerwhey is one of my favorit : very good taste (vanilla), mixes well, excellent price, and above all, I don't have any stomach problems like with most whey. So I am very satisfied and I highly recommend this product.

Peter W., USA, living in HCMC - October 21, 2020
I have been taking the mild vanilla flavored whey and casein protein for the past couple of months. Of course, consistent exercise is more important than taking protein shakes, but Tigerwhey's products have definitely been helpful for me as I try to take in enough protein, especially in Vietnam (where Pho, though delicious, won't quite provide enough!).
The mild vanilla flavor is quite decent, and I like that it is low sugar. Both the whey and casein mix quite well in a blender bottle without clumping up.
Tigerwhey also has amazing service. They are responsive, provided same-day delivery (depends on your location), and they even included two complimentary scoops of the chocolate flavored whey and casein, which were also tasty. I actually love the small containers they sent for the chocolate flavor samples because I can use them to take a scoop or two of whey or casein to the office without having to bring the whole tub.
I work out about 3 times a week and take whey during the workout and casein the day after. I still have about half a container of the 1kg pack left.
Highly recommend!

A. H., France, living in Hanoi - October 11, 2020
The mild vanilla is light and mix very well in a banana smoothie. Drinking it with only water is good as well, no strong flavor. Peanut butter is also much lighter that the few I tried before.

Kerryn S., South Africa, living in HCMC - September 29, 2020
Firstly, I would just like to say thank you for the awesome product. I have been looking for a less sweet protein supplement and the Mild Vanilla Whey I bought from you is fantastic with just water added. The flavour is perfect.
Secondly, thank you for the amazing service as well as the for the tip of using more water with the Casein powder, I would not have known to do that.
I have tasted your peanut butter and it's also really good. Will definitely buy some when I run out of my peanut butter in the cupboard. Haven't given the chocolate a try yet but am excited to do so. Once again thanks so much.

John S., UK, living in HCMC - September 27, 2020
I just ordered my first shipment of vanilla whey from Tigerwhey. Made a great smoothie with it, a nice, mild, creamy sweet taste but not too sweet! I added to my order a jar of the natural, no sugar peanut butter (which I put in the smoothie), and that too is of excellent quality. Very professional and friendly customer service. Highly recommend 🙂

Elodie, B. C., France, living in HCMC - September 25, 2020
I just tried the vanilla protein and I confirm it is really nice! I am quite impressed by the nice smoothy texture and delicate Vanilla flavor, also not too sweet. Just perfect. Good job!

Kirsa G., USA, living in HCMC - September 22, 2020
My dinner smoothie is so much better with the mild vanilla!

Clarissa S., USA, living in Haipong - September 19, 2020
We found Tigerwhey on Facebook. It was fast arriving and easy to communicate with regarding the shipment of our order. We have only tried the peanut butter, but it simply delicious and simple with its only ingredient being peanuts. We would definitely recommend it to any peanut butter connoisseur!

Levi S., Canada, living in Da Nang - September 5, 2020
Its good stuff at a much better price than other imported powders, would recommend!

Nick P., Serbia, living in HCMC - September 4, 2020
Outstanding customer service, delicious high quality products, neat packing.

Dan S., USA, living in HCMC - December 5, 2019
"No question about it, Tigerwhey is the best protein powder I have ever tried. The taste is great with the perfect amount of sweetness. I actually look forward to my Tigerwhey after a workout. There is no need to mix it with anything other than water since the taste is great as is. And it mixes easily with water...no clumping and no need for that annoying shaker ball. Best of all, it is sourced from Europe so I know I'm getting a quality product at an affordable price."

Alexandre Ctrs, Belgium, living in HCMC - November 16, 2019
I have switched to TigerWhey a few months ago after trying various brands of whey and I must say I was really satisfied with the taste and quality. Protein content is high while having low carbs content. And it is very affordable compared to other well known brands!

Karl Ronhave, Denmark, living in HCMC - October 26, 2019
I have been taking the Tigerwhey protein powder for about 9 months now. I tried the Chocolate whey, Vanilla Whey, Mild Vanilla Whey. My personal favorite is the Mild Vanilla whey, it has a very clean and comfortable taste. What matters most to me is that the taste is good, the protein content is high, and I feel safe about the ingredients. Price is reasonable. Can be recommended!
Best regards Karl Ronhave

Marcello Pellegrino, Italy, living in HCMC - October 4, 2019
I must say, I am very pleased with this product.
After a few years using My Protein powders I feel that they can't compare to Tigerwhey!
I like the taste (even the vanilla that is usually too sweet for me!) and the mixability is great!
Texture was very smooth and you can really taste the high quality ingredients... Price is really competitive too, so WIN WIN!
Keep up the good work making this product 🙂
(P.s.: I tried both Casein and Whey)

Long Ho, Vietnam, living in HCMC - September 22, 2019
Quality at an affordable price!
I have been purchasing whey protein from Tigerwhey for about 6-7 months now, about one 5 pounds jar each month. As someone who has tried many sport nutrition brands, Tigerwhey is my go-to for protein now. Nothing fancy about the powder, no new technology or any cool science terms, just good old easy to blend, nice taste, affordable, quality protein powder without any weird substances.


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