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Whey Protein

Whey protein powders from Tigerwhey are made of the highest quality of milk based protein powders available on the planet today.

Whey protein of highest quality

We in Tigerwhey have strong ideals about quality on all levels. Firstly, we only source base protein powders from the most technologically advanced dairy powder manufacturers in New Zealand and Europe. Secondly, the powder formulas are developed with the goal to add as little other ingredients to the base powder as possible. Thirdly, we ship your protein powder straight from our production to you. There is very minimal storage time. Therefore, you can be certain that any product you receive from Tigerwhey is always fresh.

We aim to provide you with whey supplements that give you an excellent experience when you have your shake. We make sure the protein content is high so you easily get the amount of protein you want. At the same time we provide you peace of mind from knowing that the product is as clean, safe and healthy as possible. All raw materials are high end and the formulas are developed with care and perfectionism. As a result, the final product is world class.

Whey protein with your training

Whey is the most commonly used sports nutrition supplement. It is suitable for everyone who exercise and want to make sure the muscles get the optimal levels of amino acids to support muscle recovery and growth. Increase your knowledge about supplements and training by reading our articles about protein.

Your muscles need a peak supply of extra amino acids in the time close to your training. Therefore, the optimal time to take your whey shake is in the time window from half an hour before your training till an hour after your training. Here we simply have the main reason why whey supplements are so useful and popular. Because whey supplies exactly that, a quick peak supply of amino acids. Digestion makes the amino acids in whey available to your muscles almost instantly.

Complementing whey protein with casein

The whey supplement will cover your protein needs in proximity with your training. Still, you may consider to complement your whey by taking casein before bed time, to support overnight muscle growth. The amino acid profile in casein is almost the same as in whey. But in contrast to whey, the casein releases slower and provides a sustained stream of amino acid supply over longer time. As a consequence, having both whey and casein supplements available gives you more flexibility in optimizing protein intake in your diet.

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