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Casein is a slow-release protein supplement that gives you a steady stream of amino acids for muscle recovery and gains over several hours.

Casein is milk protein

Casein is a protein powder that comes from cow’s milk exactly like whey protein. Both are milk protein. The composition of protein in casein and whey is very similar, but the protein in casein releases slower than the protein in whey. Whereas whey protein releases the amino acids to the bloodstream within 30-90 minutes, the casein releases the amino acids over 2-8 hours.

The slow release profile of casein makes it an ideal supplement to take before bedtime after your workout. This way, you support muscle growth and recovery over night. If your diet is low on protein in any of the meals in a day or two after your training, then again it's a very useful supplement to take.

Highest quality available

All protein supplements from Tigerwhey are made from the highest quality of base powders imported from New Zealand and Europe. Our formulas are optimized to give you a great-tasting shake with a high dosage of protein. We add a minimum of ingredients to the base powders to secure that your shake is as healthy as possible for you. We ship straight from our production to your address with minimal storage time. Therefore, you can be sure that a protein powder from Tigerwhey is always fresh!

Whether you use casein as a stand-alone supplement, or in combination with whey, it is a very useful source of protein. Because, it gives you more choice and flexibility when planning your diet and protein intake. It is also worth mentioning that it is very rich in calcium.

Because casein gets digested slowly over several hours, it gives you a feeling of being full for several hours. Therefore, you can see it as a supplement that supports your weight control efforts. It simply makes it easier for you to eat less.

Summing it up, whey protein is the most relevant supplement to take together with your training, because it gives you the extra peak amount of amino acids your muscles need right there and then. But, in the 48 hours after your training where the muscle synthesis is still working, here the key is to have a continuous supply of amino acids and at a lower level. That's where casein comes in as the most relevant supplement to take.

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