Quick Cooking Oats

Quick cooking rolled oats from Australia. Safe food. Best quality. Quick delivery to all of Vietnam.

Quick Cooking Oats

Quick cooking oats from Tigerwhey is high quality oats farmed and milled in Australia.

Key Points:

  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Rich in fiber
  • High in protein
  • Very high in many vitamins and minerals
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Can lower cholesterol levels
  • Can improve blood sugar control
  • May help lose weight
  • May support skin care


Quick Cooking Oats is vegan and vegetarian

Oats is 100% plant based and fits well in to both vegan and vegetarian diet. Oats alone is considered kosher.


Ingredients and nutrition facts

Ingredients: Oats.

NutritionPer 100 g
Protein16,90 g
Fat6,9 g
Carbohydrate66,3 g
Fiber10,6 g
Sodium6 mg
Calcium52 mg
Potassium362 mg


How to use oats

It is very popular to have oatmeal for breakfast. For example, one way is to cook the oats with water or milk for 5 min into hot oatmeal. Additionally, you can add peanut butter, cinnamon or a good quality oil, to make exactly the yummy breakfast you feel like that day. In short, only your fantasy sets the limits here. Alternatively, you can have the oats raw with perhaps a handful of raisins and nuts mixed in, and pour milk, soy milk or almond milk on top.

Furthermore, there are tons of recipes for using oats in bakery, cookies or different kinds of desserts. Another option is to blend a spoonful or two into a smoothie to add some fiber and vitamins to it.

To sum up, oats is a healthy food item to have as a stable in your kitchen. If you do fitness and have attention on building up more lean muscle mass, it goes well together with whey protein and casein from Tigerwhey.

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