What are the benefits of taking whey protein?

Whey protein supplies you with a complete set of the important amino acids you need to support muscle recovery and growth after training.

When we train to increase our muscle mass, we need to take enough protein for the body to be able to grow muscle. The protein we take in must also be the right kind of protein; it must contain the right kinds of amino acids. Protein is made up of smaller building blocks, the so-called amino acids. Science shows that the protein from cow's milk contains an optimal amino acid profile to support maintenance and growth of muscle in the human body.

When we eat food that contains protein, digestion breaks the proteins down to the amino acid elements. The body will then put the amino acids together again in its own way to maintain, repair, and to build human muscle. Building muscle is called muscle synthesis. When we train hard, we will normally have to eat and digest quite a lot of food to get enough of the amino acids that the body needs for muscle. Eating and digestion take time and these processes require a lot of energy. We all probably know from personal experience that eating a big meal right before training is not a good idea. But getting protein right before, during, or right after training is a good idea if we train to build muscle.

Taking whey protein near your training time is an effective way to provide your body the protein it needs. Whey protein is a convenient way to get enough of the right kind of protein at the right time. Simply mix a portion of whey protein powder with water, shake, and drink - it is quick and easy.

Science shows that you get most muscle growth out of your training if you take your whey protein in a time window of one hour before training to one hour after training.

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